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Answer: Black or purple leaves or plant stems usually indicate cold damage.

Blog umbrella plant leaves turning brown and falling off. umbrella plant leaves turning brown and falling off Missing: Monroe GA. Jul 12, Question: Why are a lot of leaves falling off? The plant no longer looks full. Answer: If the leaves are green that have fallen the two most likely causes are too little light or too much water.

If the leaves are yellow or brown that are falling then too little water is likely the problem. Question: I have a formerly beautiful umbrella plant in a 6" pot. The first week I brought it home, it started losing stumpchop.clubted Reading Time: 10 mins.

Leaf blight (Pseudomonas cichorii) is a bacterial disease that tends to infect the margins of umbrella tree leaves. Water-soaked spots form on the foliage that enlarge and blacken. The condition causes excessive leaf drop and overall weakening of the stumpchop.clubg: Monroe GA.

Mar 18, Q. brown leaves. My umbrella tree is slowly losing leaves.

Sometimes called umbrella plant for its umbrellalike compound leaves as well as a canopy that also resembles an umbrella, schefflera is a popular houseplant that can grow to impressive size inside under the right conditions.

They turn brown and fall off. I transplanted it about a month and 1/2 ago to a bigger pot (not too big). When I first brought it home, it was losing leaves like crazy. So I transplanted and it seems to have slowed down losing the stumpchop.clubg: Monroe GA.

Nov 12, Humidity – Rubber tree plants need higher humidity. Houses can be dry, especially in the winter when the heat is on. This lack of humidity can cause leaves falling off rubber tree plant. To correct this problem, mist the rubber tree plant daily or set the plant on a tray of pebbles filled with water to increase stumpchop.clubg: Monroe GA.

May 07, Excessive, constant moisture around the umbrella tree's roots causes small roots to die, leaving the root mass vulnerable to invasion by fungal Missing: Monroe GA. A bug infestation could have a similar effect to a bacterial infection as in it could be the tree is putting all of its energy into fighting the infestation and not so much energy into keeping its leaves green which could result in leaves dropping stumpchop.clubg: Monroe GA.

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